Student Reports

A combination of formal Reports, Portfolios of work and student-led Parent/Teacher meetings ensure that your child's progress is carefully monitored.



To ensure that you are kept well informed about how your child is progressing in all areas of their schooling, Milgate has adopted a range of methods for reporting student achievement.

One is through formal written reports.  As parents you will receive two reports on your child’s progress and achievements each year.  These reports are posted in Compass, our parent portal,     in both June and December.

Other methods of keeping you well informed about your child’s progress and achievements include:

  • Formal and informal Meetings
  • Entries in the student’s diary
  • Telephone Meetings
  • Letters / notes
  • Public performances at school assembly and other special events
  • Open night [held in May each year]
  • Achievements acknowledged at assembly or in our newsletter


Your child's portfolio gives you a first hand impression of your child’s progress.

For younger students, it is a folder containing samples of work they have completed each semester.  The teacher adds in an explanation of the activity to assist you in interpreting each sample.

For older students, it is an electronic portfolio on their iPad which contains samples of the work they have completed each semester.



Parent / Teacher meetings are provided in June each year following the Mid-Year Reports being sent home. Each meeting is of 10 minutes duration.

These meetings offer you an opportunity to discuss, with your child's teacher, aspects of your child's progress over the year to date. You are encouraged to bring your child's mid-year report along to this meeting to discuss or clarify any questions you may have.