Learning Technologies

At Milgate PS we see Learning Technologies is an integral part of our classroom program.  The use of technology is integrated into general teaching and learning and not seen as a stand alone subject. 

Our students and staff enjoy exploring the endless possibilities and capabilities with Apple technology.  The exciting use of Learning Technologies at Milgate PS is evident by:

  • iPad Program for Years 3 - 6 [One-to-One]
  • 50 school iPads for use by all students in Foundation - Year 2
  • Class set of Netbooks for use by students in Foundation - Year 2
  • Class set of Apple MacBooks for use by students in Years 3 - 6
  • Each classroom at Milgate PS is fitted with an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) or Apple TV

To enhance the learning experience across the whole school students also have access to other digital devices such as iPods and digital Cameras.