Wearing school uniform fosters pride in our school, encourages children to identify with the school and feel a sense of belonging. It also assists with supervision and safety on visits out of the school, and unifies students from varying social and cultural backgrounds into a cohesive school whole.

School uniform is compulsory for all students except where an exemption is given by School Council. Our uniform consists of a combination of items from the designated uniform list with the predominant colours of bottle green and white. Support options for families finding it difficult meeting the cost of uniform are available, please contact the school to discuss.

Uniforms can be purchased either online [a link is at the bottom of your screen] or at our uniform supplier's retail outlet at:

PSW East Kew                                

12 Strathalbyn Street |  East Kew VIC 3102                                

T: 9819 7809


UNIFORM | General - Girls & Boys

  • School Logo Embroidered Polo shirt | short or long sleeves
  • School Logo Embroidered Bomber jacket
  • Vest or Jacket | Polar Fleece
  • Tracksuit pants
  • Socks | bottle green or white
  • Shoes | black school shoes or track shoes [no black soles]
  • Hat | legionnaires or wide brim hat


  • Summer school dress
  • Winter tunic / skirt [may be worn with polo shirt or skivvy in bottle green or white]
  • Culottes
  • Tights | bottle green


  • Shorts


  • Gold or silver sleepers or studs only
  • Watch


  • Only in school colours (i.e. green or white)

UNIFORM | Sports

  • Students wear normal Milgate uniform.
  • Year 5 & 6 students ONLY: school sports top [see details below].

UNIFORM | Team Sports

  • Students competing in sport are expected to wear the Milgate uniform or will be provided with a sports uniform when necessary.
  • Netball skirts can only be worn for netball.
  • Cricket whites are acceptable for the cricket team on interschool sports days.

UNIFORM | Sports Tops

Sports tops are available ONLY for Year 5 and 6 students.  They can only be worn on days when these students have P.E. or Interschool Sport or on days they are competing as part of a Milgate sports team.



We run a second hand uniform stall approximately once a month - click here for more details