Formosa Chinese School

Formosa Chinese School



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About us 本校特色

A not-for-profit organisation and a DET Vic (Department of Education and Training Victoria) accredited Community Languages School, teaching Traditional Chinese Mandarin language to children in teenagers. 

Our structured program focus on:


 Formosa Chinese School


learning through play


學習者為主  小班教學 照顧每個孩子的需求

student-centered learning


融合文化教學  了解文化背景使學習更有意義

Integrated learning of Chinese Culture and Language


啟發式教學  建造適合學習語言的環境讓孩子在遊戲中學習

Guided discovery learning


因材施教 教學依照學生的能力與程度進行適當的調整

Creative and responsive learning


Class  開設課程

  • Toddler Playgroup age 2-3 親子共讀班(2-3歲)
  • Kindergarten age 3-5 幼教班(3-5歲)
  • Primary age 6-12 小學部(6-12歲)
  • Secondary 12+ 國中部(12歲以上)


Contact Us 聯絡我們
*Please contact Principal Mariana Liou *

Principal校長  Mariana Liou


上課時間 依維省正常上學日, 每周六上午9:30-12:30
School term dates Every Saturday, 9:30-12:30 (following usual school term)
Venue Milgate Primary School, 96 Landscape Drive, Doncaster East VIC, 3109


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