Maintaining Mother Tongue


The IB acknowledges that the development of the mother-tongue language is crucial for both cognitive development and maintaining cultural identity.


Research shows that children who have a strong foundation in their home language are more successful at school and enjoy a greater feeling of self-worth and identity. (UNESCO)


“Children who come to school with a strong foundation in their mother tongue develop stronger literacy abilities in the language used at school. When parents or caregivers are able to spend time with their children and tell stories or discuss issues with them in a way that develops their mother tongue vocabulary and concepts, children come to school well prepared to learn the language of their immigrant country and succeed educationally.” Jim Cummins, Author of Bilingual Children's Mother Tongue Why Is It Important for Education? 


References as to why we support the maintenance of mother tongue

Why maintain languages?

How to support parents in maintaining their child's mother tongue?


Online resources to support mother tongue

Here are some useful online resources that support the mother tongue including a range of audio stories for children to listen to at school, and at home: