SPECIALIST | Physical Education

The 11 Fundamental Movement  Skills drive our Physical Education Program at Milgate Primary School. Over their primary school years our students develop these skills and then put them into practice, firstly in modified games,  team sports and then through Intraschool & Interschool Sport.


Through our extensive Physical Education program our students also experience a wide variety of incursions run by various Victorian Sporting Associations.


Foundation to Year 4: students participate in an annual  week long intensive Swimming Program run by Aquarena Aquatic and Leisure Centre in Templestowe Lower..


Years 3 to 6: students commence participation in District Sporting events. These events allow students the opportunity to compete at a higher level in the following sports;

  • District Swimming
  • District Cross Country
  • District Athletics
  • District Tennis
  • District Netball Round Robins
  • District Tee Ball Round Robins
  • District Basketball Round Robins
  • District Volleyball Round Robins.


Year 5 and 6: students play Interschool or Intraschool Sport during Terms 1 & 2, with the Yr 6 students being given preference in the Interschool Sport Teams during both terms. The Intraschool Sport Program for our Year 5 students allows them to play the same sports and use this experience as a training year before playing Interschool Sport in Year 6.


Sports offered are:

Term 1 - Blast Cricket | Softball | Rounders | Bat Tennis

Term 2 - Football | Soccer | Netball | Tee Ball | Hot Shots Tennis


An emphasis is placed on being a good sport, an effective team member, goal setting and the achievement of one's personal best. Maximum participation is also a key aspect.


All students are allocated to a House when they commence at Milgate Primary School. On House Sports Days, students are encouraged to wear clothing in their House colours. The four Houses are:

  • ROBERTS (Red)
  • STREETON (Yellow)
  • McCUBBIN (Green)
  • BOYD (Blue)

Foundation to Year 2: students participate in a House Sports Carnival in Term 4.

Years 3 to 6: students participate in our annual House Sports, which are:

  • House Swimming
  • Cross Country
  • Athletics Carnivals


  • Term 1 - House Swimming Sports [Year 3 - 6 students]
  • Term 2 - House Cross Country [Year 3 - 6 students]
  • Term 3 - House Athletics Sports [Year 3 - 6 students]
  • Term 4 - House Sports [Foundation - Year 2 students]

Our emphasis at Milgate is on participation, team skills and developing a positive attitude towards sport.