Student Leadership

The Milgate Student Leadership Program provides the opportunity for students to be elected by their peers and the teaching faculty to a range of leadership roles across the school.




We have two School Leaders and two Deputy School Leaders, for each, that are elected by peers and staff. They play a significant role in conducting the weekly whole school Assembly, liaise with student groups and act as community ambassadors for special events, Open Days and Transition programs.




There are two House Leaders and one Deputy House Leader for each House [Boyd, McCubbin, Roberts and Streeton]. 


Our House Leaders have many varied responsibilities and represent the school in special events such as the Community ANZAC Service. Their roles include organising the members of their House at School Sports events, managing the Sports Storeroom at lunchtimes, conducting school tours and assisting with Transition programs.




Our Specialist Leaders work with teachers and support the different curriculum areas and programs. 


Our Specialist Leaders include: 

  • Performing Arts Leader
  • Visual Arts Leader
  • Mandarin Leader
  • Wellbeing Leader
  • Miltek (Technology Leaders)
  • SCR@M (Podcast radio program)
  • Choir Leaders



Our JSC aims to encourage student leadership within our school. 

The purpose of the Junior School Council is to:

  • Involve students in the decision making process of school activities and to give them the opportunity to put their ideas into action
  • Provide students with the opportunity to become effective leaders and build on their skills
  • Promote a commitment to the school and our community.


JSC meets fortnightly to discuss relevant school-wide student issues, and representatives from each class have the responsibility to report back to their classes about items raised at our meetings.


Student leaders are also responsible for the promotion of JSC initiatives. They regularly speak at Assembly, write articles for the newsletter and raise awareness for fundraising events. 


In the past, the JSC have fundraised money by organising fun days such as Crazy Hair Day, Free Dress Days, a Disco Party and many more!




The Environmental Leaders are a group of students from Years 1 - 6 who are selected by their peers. The Environmental Leaders play an important role at Milgate Primary School. They speak regularly at whole school assemblies, monitor and encourage their peers to bring rubbish free lunches as well as demonstrating good environmental practices.