Sustainability Mission Statement





This year, our Environmental Team has worked together to develop a mission statement that encapsulates our team vision for how we can take action to better the school through our environmental program.



At Milgate, we believe that we can guide and help everyone to spread a message and take action for our environment so we can help and sustain life on earth.





At Milgate Primary School, we aspire to educate our students about the importance of our environment and sustainability practices. Representatives from each class in Years 1-6 are working together to generate and implement ideas for how Milgate can be more sustainable and how we can reduce our negative impact on the environment. 


This year we are working on making use of our resources and implementing simple sustainability practices such as Nude Food days, celebrating environmental events, including Earth Day, rubbish wraps and developing our whole school recycling approach. We are looking forward to getting the vegetable patch back up and running, and creating a system where the produce harvested will be used within the school community.


Environmental Leaders are responsible for attending regular meetings where they learn more about sustainability, offer their ideas and opinions for how we can improve our school and take action in response to issues they have identified within the school environment. Environmental Leaders keep the school community informed through regular updates at assembly and in the school newsletter.


Our environmental programs support students in taking meaningful action around issues that they are concerned about. Students have provided practical suggestions for how the school can become more sustainable in a variety of ways.




Our Environmental Leaders are involved in a range of interactive learning experiences, including the Young Leaders Sustainability Conference and visits to Edendale Farm to develop their understanding of sustainable practices and ways to minimize negative environmental impacts. The Environmental Leaders assist in the planting and maintenance of the school vegetable garden and look after the compost.


We look forward to involving our leaders in more school initiatives this year, giving them a sense of responsibility to look after their school environment as well as their future environment.