Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety is an integral part of our Learning Technologies program at Milgate PS. Students from Foundation - Year 6 are taught how to use technology and the internet in a safe and responsible way. Cyber safety is a team effort between the student, family and school.

Many of our older students participate in Social Networking sites on the internet as they interact with their friends which usually happens outside of school hours. They also participate in other internet activities. All of these activities are part of being in a global world and can be used in a variety of positive or negative ways.

At Milgate PS all students participate in cyber safety programs each year appropriate to their year level. Sometimes students are not aware of the dangers of social networking if they do not have privacy settings, if they put on photos, if they allow people they don’t know to interact with them, etc. While some parents may not be aware of what their children are engaging in online and how to work with them to assist them to interact safely.

Each year we hold an information session for parents to provide them with knowledge about various social networking sites and how to assist their children to use these sites positively and to protect themselves from unwanted followers. Below are copies of the material we present, they include the Presentation, a list of Social Media sites and how they are used, as well as a list of helpful websites. 

This is relevant for parents with children of all ages.

  Presentation              Social Media            Helpful Websites



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