iPad Program

Our iPad program is for all our students in Years 3 to 6. This is a one-to-one, BYOD iPad program, meaning each student has an iPad which they provide and bring to school.  


The iPad is a tool to assist students in their learning. We integrate the technology into the curriculum to make lessons more engaging with differentiated outcomes for a variety of learning styles in the classroom. 



  • Are able to have greater choices in relation to the representation of their learning 
  • Have become more active in relation to their learning, they seek answers to their questions and construct their knowledge
  • Are more collaborative in their learning - sharing resources and information  
  • Enjoy taking home what they have achieved at school and sharing it with their families

In 2021, Jamf School was rolled out for every student in Year 3. Jamf School is a management tool that is used to organise apps on a device and help to maintain a safe and secure learning environment for students. 


Key features of Jamf School: 

  • It assists in minimising distractions for students by hiding all Apps that are not required at school
  • It allows the school to wipe or lock the iPad if it’s stolen 
  • If it is lost we can send a message that tells the person who found it that they can drop the iPad off at Milgate
  • Teachers can track student progress using the Classroom app through the use of screen sharing
  • Parents can use the ‘Jamf Parent’ app to assist children in managing their iPads.