We warmly invite all parents and the wider school community to help us make Milgate the best possible place for all our students to learn and grow. 


There are a number of ways you can volunteer, they are:

Milgate Dads and Kids Group

Parents & Friends Association

Parent Helpers

School Council



Milgate Primary has partnered with The Fathering Project to start our very own ‘Milgate Dads and Kids Group’. We launched the group in 2021 and have four events planned annually, two ‘Dads and Kids’ events and two ‘Dads Only’ events. The Fathering Project aims to inspire and equip fathers and father-figures to positively engage with the children in their lives – for the benefit of kids. The Fathering Project delivers resources, programs and events specific to the engagement style and needs of dads and father-figures.


The Fathering Project



Classroom Assistance

It is a thrill for your child and great help to us if you volunteer to assist us in the classroom.  Speak to your child's teacher to learn how you can help.  We run a Parent Helpers course in Term 1 each year to fill you in with everything you need to know.


Camps and Excursions

Do you feel up to the challenge? Our extensive outdoor education program could not run without the generous support from our community. Contact Mr Will to learn how you can have a fun and rewarding experience on one of our school camps.


Parent Representatives

Each class at Milgate PS welcomes a Parent Representative to undertake a range of roles to support classroom and wider school community activities. These include organising for class parents’ morning teas and dinners; distributing a ‘friendship list’ to assist families in making contact with each other for children’s after school visits and birthday parties; assisting the class teacher with photocopying, displays and other duties; supporting classroom families as particular needs arise; and gathering support for whole school events by contacting a small network of families.


Working with Children Check [WWCC]

All parent helpers for excursions, camps, classroom programs, etc are required to obtain a WWCC card [Victoria]. Parents only need to apply for a volunteer card and the application is free. In your application you need to nominate Milgate Primary School and we will be notified of your details – you do not need to provide a copy of your card to the Office. However if you have an employee WWCC or nominated a different school in your original application, then you will need to present your card to our Office staff. Online applications can be done at: www.workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au


We value the time many parents dedicate to volunteering at Milgate and we thank you for support in all our programs. 



We are a group of volunteer parents/carers who are focused on helping the school financially through fundraising, as well as socially by offering events that are about building the community at Milgate. We plan, decide and organise these events/activities as a team.



Over the years we’ve contributed towards the synthetic grass area, playground equipment, stadium air conditioning, games, teaching aids, sporting equipment, new drinking taps and synthetic basketball courts - just to name a few. 


How can you be involved?

It’s really up to you. Some of our members are in paid work (full or part-time), others work at home or have toddlers to keep them busy.  Everyone has different levels of involvement in Parents & Friends depending on their own circumstances.  You won’t be pushed into anything, but we always need more people who can help out at different times - doing whatever they feel comfortable with.


Some tasks we always need help with are putting together flyers, photocopying, distributing flyers or receiving returned forms.  At our meetings we discuss each activity/event and decide as a group any changes to make from the previous year/s and who can help with each task.  There is always someone here to help you and guide you – we want this to be enjoyable for everyone.


When are the meetings?

We meet once a month.  Meetings are held during the school day and they go for around 1½ hours.  At the start of the year we determine the best day and time for our meetings, we often alternate meeting days or times to accommodate everyone.


How do I join?

Most new members commence at the start of the year which coincides with our Annual General Meeting, however you can join at any time throughout the year.  Why not bring a friend along and join together?  


Event Helpers

Throughout the year we send home notices requesting helpers for events such as Mother’s Day Stall, School Disco, Father’s Day Stall, etc.  We appreciate parents giving up their time to help us to run these events and activities, their help is crucial to the success of the events and the children love seeing their parents involved at their school too!



All government schools in Victoria have a School Council, which is a legally formed body with the power to set key directions of a school within centrally provided guidelines. Each School Council establishes a number of School Council Sub Committees, which assists Council with its range of responsibilities and /or has specific responsibilities. Meetings are held monthly on Tuesday evenings at 7.00pm, while sub-committee meetings usually commence at 6.30pm on an alternate Tuesday evening.


Milgate's School Council has the following sub-committees:



This Committee reviews current policies and makes recommendations to the School Council regarding the development and implementation of new or revised policies on a broad range of educational matters. The Committee would also arrange educational forums. Strategic Plan development and review is a cyclical responsibility.



This Committee determines necessary maintenance and desired improvements to the school buildings and grounds and in many cases arranges for approved work to be carried out.



The Committee has the responsibility to monitor the expenditure of the program budget in accordance with approved budgets. The Committee also assists in the development and preparation of the annual school budget, including the setting of Parent Financial Contributions.


Parents and Friends

This Committee is responsible for the raising of funds to maximise the school's education facilities, for providing opportunities for interested people to be involved in the life of the school, and for fostering understanding and linking of the roles of various groups within the school community.