SCHOOL TOURS | Bookings now Open

School Tours are available from March each year.  Please use the link below to reserve your spot.

Starting school is an exciting time for you and your child.  Choosing a school that upholds your family values, has high academic expectations, offers creative and sporting opportunities and provides a caring and supportive environment is important to all parents.  

At Milgate PS we take pride in providing a caring and dynamic environment that places your child at the centre of the learning experience.  We aim to develop students who are principledcaring and ambitious to learn.

We like to allow 45 minutes for your tour to show you our classrooms, talk to you about our curriculum, explain to you how Milgate is unique in the way we teach our students and answer any questions you may have.

If your child is eligible to start school in 2024 (will turn 5 by April 30, 2024), please BOOK HERE for your school tour with our School Leaders, our Principal Kate Mancarella or Assistant Principals David Mander and Jayde Williams.  We also offer tours for families with students aleady attending primary schools if you are moving into our area and looking at transferring schools. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Milgate.