UNIFORMS | Secondhand Sale

Our secondhand uniform shop is open on the 1st Monday of each month during the school term.

9.00 - 9.30am in our Staffroom
All items are just $5 each and only cash is accepted.


2019 DATES
Monday 4 February
Monday 4 March
Monday 1 April
Monday 4 May
Monday 3 June
Monday 15 July
Monday 5 August
Monday 2 September
Monday 7 October
Monday 4 November
Monday 2 December


All families, including families with children starting next year, are welcome to attend our secondhand uniform sales. Our staffroom is in the main Office building, staff are more than happy to direct you.

Good quality, unwanted Milgate uniforms can be donated at the School Office. Thank you for supporting our school.

NEW Uniforms

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      Or Call PSW: 9768 0381